I have worked in a variety of roles in compulsory, tertiary and corporate education and training.
Projects include:


  • Learning design to update and improve trainee workbooks

Academic Tribe

  • Learning design and ¬†quality assurance for online courses (Chisholm Online)
  • Consultancy for international projects

Ministry of Social Development (Collections)

  • Designed and developed a blended induction programme, including online materials, face-to-face workshops, and a user manual

Te Kura (The Correspondence School)

  • Editing course materials

New Zealand Fire Service (with Blended Solutions)

  • Designed and wrote a multimedia (DVD) resource for fire investigation

Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning

  • Ongoing copy editing and advice to writers
  • Formatting and proofreading


  • Project 1: Review of printed resources
  • Project 2: Mentor in-house editor
  • Project 3: Review of fee structure for qualifications
  • Project 4: Design and write assessments
  • Project 5: Investigate preferred training provider scheme
  • Project 6: Consult with industry and SAC to write industry sector training plans
  • Project 7: Design and create an online survey to identify opportunites to increase business productivity

Eastern Institute of Technology

  • Project 1: eLearning advisor
  • Project 2: Wine Science and Viticulture
  • Project 3: Designing online courses
  • Project 4: Co-writing a handbook of instructional design
  • Project 5: Designing a staff development programme

University of Otago Library

  • Improved the quality of design for instructional handouts
  • Established a team approach for continuing peer review and writing new resources
  • Worked with staff to write a comprehensive style guide

Ministry of Education

  • Contributed to analysis and synthesis of MoE research reports on online learning
  • Wrote information bulletins about online learning for tertiary teaching staff
  • Worked with Inova and Ako Aotearoa to update and improve LDnet, a community-centred site for learning designers

Western Institute of Technology Taranaki

  • Designed and developed a Level-4 blended Communications course
  • Provided professional development for teaching staff

Write Limited

  • Project 1: Designed and developed a suite of online courses; provided professional development for online tutors
  • Project 2: Wrote a course on writing in plain English—delivered by The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand
  • Project 3: Designed and wrote Write’s style guide
  • Other projects: Major editing assignments; developing style guides for Write clients

E-primer series and other academic editing

  • Copy editing and advice to author for 5 academic papers
  • Comprehensive (partiularly bibliographic) editing and advice for writers completing academic theses

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