Eastern Institute of Technology (ITP)

The Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) has a dynamic online learning development programme. I have been involved in several of their projects as an online learning design consultant.

eLearning Advisor
For several months in 2007 I was acting eLearning Advisor between EIT’s permanent appointments. In that role I provided Moodle administration, and advice on learning design and new technologies. As a result of this work, the OTARA design framework was incorporated in EIT’s online learning strategy.

Wine Science and Viticulture
EIT has undertaken a major project to redesign the concurrent Bachelor of Wine Science and Bachelor of Viticulture as parallel courses to those delivered on campus. I worked with the tutorial staff as they considered the basic elements of course design for online learning, changes in pedagogy, consideration of new technologies, ‘branding’ for common elements and templates, and implementation in Moodle. The project included workshops and one-to-one consultations with staff to develop their designs with OTARA. I used the tutors’ design intentions — as documented in their OTARAs — to write and submit  papers to ITPQ, resulting in a successful audit and approval for continuing development.

Designing an online course on how to design an online course
I worked with EIT’s eLearning Advisor to create a short online course on how to design online courses. The course is designed for tutors in polytechics and institutes of technology who are in the early stages of designing online courses. It offers practical advice and uses the tutors’ current development projects for the course activities. OTARA is an integral part of this design process. The project also resulted in an accompanying facilitiators’ guide, which includes advice and examples for future reference.

Post-graduate nursing
A new nursing tutor, who had no experience of teaching online, was responsible for rapid development of an online course at Masters level. I worked with the tutor to produce an ‘big picture’ design, and then coached her (mostly via Skype) as she developed her programme.

Staff development
An institutional merger in 2012 resulted in a notable increase in the number of teaching staff — all of whom needed rapid up-skilling in designing and developing online courses, and teaching online. I worked with the eLearning Advisor to design new staff development programmes and to write a handbook on instructional design for teaching staff.


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