InfraTrain (ITO)

InfraTrain is New Zealand’s industry training organisation (ITO) for the infratructure industries. I have completed a number of projects for the ITO to improve trainee outcomes.

Project 1
Project 1 focused on InfraTrain’s printed learning resources. I surveyed trainees and employers about the quality and effectiveness of the resources, outlined a number of options to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of production, and investigated opportunities for e-learning.

Project 2
I have provided mentoring and advice to Infratrain’s editor. This work related to the development and management of the production of printed learning resources, and focused particularly on sound instructional writing in plain English.

Project 3
InfraTrain’s qualifications cover a wide range of trades and professional education. The ITO required a comparison of their fee structure with others in the ITO sector. This project summarised the landscape of fee structures.

Project 4
I worked with Infratrain’s editor and a content specialist to design and write assessments for a new surveying diploma.

Project 5
Infratrain works with many training providers — including individual freelancers, in-house company trainers, PTES, and ITPs. Project 5 reported on this landscape and the effectiveness of different options for improving training provider services, including the potential for developing a preferred training provider scheme.

Project 6
InfraTrain’s Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) is responsible for the development of sector training plans. These five plans provide a direction for the ITO from 2010 to 2013. Writing the plans required consultation with the SAC, industry experts,  InfraTrain’s project managers and regional staff, and senior management.

Project 7
Research by the Centre for  Advanced Engineering (CAENZ) showed a there were significant opportunities to improve productivity in small-to-medium-sized businessed in the infrastructure industries. I developed an online survey that would show business owners how they compared with others, and where and how could improve their productivity.

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