Ministry of Education

For the first part of this project, the Ministry of Education required an analysis and synthesis of a number of reports of e-learning research. We undertook this contract as a consortium with considerable experience in the tertiary e-learning sector.

In the second part of the project, and based on the findings from Part 1, members of the consortium created relevant resources for educators, students, and government officials.

My main contribution to Part 2 was to co-write the series Effective Practice for E-learning for educators, liaise with the designer-typesetter, and provide editing and proofreading services for the presentations for officials.

The four bulletins in Effective Practice for E-Learning are available on the Ako Aotearoa website.

Effective Practice for E-learning

Partners in the E-lucid consortium
Appreciative Development Ltd
Blended Solutions

While working on this project, I also worked with Inova to update and improve LDnet, a community-centred site for learning designers.


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